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1. What are the rights of the copyright owner

Copyright belongs to the author. Presided over by legal persons or other organizations, legal persons or other organizations will create, by the works of legal persons or other organizations responsibility, legal persons or other organizations as authors.

Rights include the following personal rights and property rights: the right of publication, authorship, modification rights, the protection of the right of integrity, the right of reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition rights, performance rights, theatrical rights, broadcasting rights, the right to network dissemination of information, cinematography, adaptation, translation, compilation of rights.

2, which rights related to copyright

Rights related to copyright in the field has been rapid development in the past 50 years. These rights are protected around copyrighted works developed, and to: performing artists (such as actors and musicians) in their performances; phonograms (such as CD and tape recordings) creator of fixations; broadcast certain rights organizations in their radio and television programs, and so on. Just like if a company create a unique sex doll, the company will have the copyright of the sex doll.

3. how long copyright protection period

The authors’ right to amend, complete protection of protected works without restriction.

Citizens works its publication rights, and the right to use the term of protection of the right to life and death for five decades, the fiftieth year after the December 31 deadline on the death of the author; If a work of joint, as in Finally, the fifth decade of December 31 after the death of the author’s death.

Legal person or other organization works, copyright (except the right of authorship) by legal persons or other organizations to enjoy the service works, and its publication rights, and the right to use the term of protection for the rights of five years after the closing of the fifty-first publication in in Dacron December 31. However, after the work is completed at the end of creation published fifty years, no longer protected by copyright laws, but for some sex toy product, like the sex doll, the law have another 5 years for protect those product, If you need to know more for such product just come to

Published right film, television, video and photographic works, and the right to use the term of protection for five years, until the fifth decade of December 31 after the first publication of the work, but the work is completed fifty years since the creation unpublished and no longer protected by copyright laws.

4. the dangers of piracy

Completion of a work, the development of a computer game, a movie has to spend a lot of energy, time and money from author, developer or filmmaker , if you can not let them get a certain return, then who will come to the creation of new works it ? For example, a factory make a beautiful sex doll to sale, but other business man just copy the sex doll, how will the factory make money from his product?

Piracy is equivalent to piracy, buy pirated products would be tantamount to helping criminals to fence would encourage piracy.

5. there are ways to resolve copyright disputes which way

After the occurrence of violations of copyright, authors or other copyright holders have the right to request legal protection. Rights-managed victim may request the State department, you can sue directly to the people’s court in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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